A Day with TLC

A Day with Tapestry Lunch Club

dementia day care

Tapestry Lunch Club is all about supporting people who are living in isolation, feel socially excluded or may be experiencing memory loss and other symptoms associated with early to moderate dementia.  We are working to address and improve social interaction and offer a different form of support for up to five guests at a time.  Our aim is to create an environment where our guests will feel supported and cared for, help reduce anxiety, have regular face-to-face contact with others which enables strong relationships to be built, gain confidence, enjoy being part of a small group and ultimately remain a valued member of their community.  A place where friends are made, laughter and memories are shared.

Perhaps meeting new people might be unsettling, therefore we would be delighted to welcome  a partner or carer to join you for the first lunch with Tapestry Lunch Club.  We also are very happy for our guests to have a trial day to see if we are the right for them.

We have had to adjust some of the day due to COVID-19, and have conducted a full risk assessment to ensure both our guests and hosts stay safe.  In principal, the day remains the same but hygiene and social distancing are now at the fore front of our minds.  We can share all our new procedures, hopefully temporarily, with you.  Please email support@tapestrylunchclub.co.uk for further information of how we can and intend to work safely.  

Your day with Tapestry Lunch Club begins with your host coming to pick you up from your home, in her car, from 10.30am onwards. You will be joined by up to three other guests from your area and return to your host’s home for the day between 11.00am and 11.30am.

On arrival you will enjoy a morning cup of tea or coffee and take time to relax and enjoy catching up with the other guests, some of whom you have met regularly at your lunches.  Your visit with us will have structure, and may include, for example, a quiz or crossword (more as a conversational prompt than a knowledge test!), possibly some music and general chat.  Or perhaps you might just want to catch up from the previous week.  During the summer and if the weather is nice, enjoy the garden and even a spot of gardening.  Ultimately though, each group is different, and the flow of the day is dictated by your preferences, capacities and the personalities of those within your group.  Lunch is an important part of the day and it is never rushed because this gives you, the other guests and your host further opportunity to connect with each other.   You might be one of our guests who positively enjoys getting involved in the preparation of lunch!  Our aim is to give you the utmost attention, stimulation and fun while at the same time respecting your needs, interests and space.

dementia day care

After lunch your host will serve tea or coffee and round your visit off possibly with a game of scrabble or Dominos or you can just finish the day unwinding, sharing stories and memories or general chat –  just whatever you like to do.  Your host will drive you home between 3pm and 4pm having had, we are certain, a stimulating and a fun lunch out.

Transport of our guests is part of TLC’s service and all our hosts’ cars are insured for business use and our hosts’ homes are fully risk assessed.

Our hosts will not be able to provide any personal care.

Our day rate is £60 and includes a delicious home cooked two course lunch, refreshments and all activities.  As a result of working within the restrictions of COVID-19, we need to charge an extra £10 for transport,

Call us on 01403 791020 or email support@tapestrylunchclub.co.uk for any further information.  Or if you would prefer, please fill  in the form below and we will be in touch.